Oops...I've been busy

Sometimes life gets in the way of all our plans...which happens to me a lot (check out my Rants and Pants post from last October!) That being said, I'm hoping to get back on track and get my posts up regularly. So fingers crossed that I can actually do it. And to prove that I'm trying--or maybe just proof that I got busy/lazy--I'll start with 3 books that I read and wrote about last year. Last spring/summer...virtually a year ago. Yes, I'm truly that far behind. 

But admittance is the first step, right? So things will get better. I promise! And I will soon have blogs up on all the books I've read in the past year...or maybe just so far this year. Either way, it's a new start! So please join me in my wild ramblings of the books I read...and I truly mean it that you should cross your fingers and hope that I can blog consistently!